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Software Development

Techfeedo is known globally for its work and deliverable on commitment timeframe. Our team of expertise with their specialization, who work together to bring out the customized software development along with software development, maintenance and support. Our team technical engineering team put their best effort to deliver all the projects on time and with all feature as per requested requirement. Techfeedo being a reputed software development company ensures all deliverables to clients at best prices. In the beginning, client comes to us with the list of requirements and our team analyzes the requirement and do some research work to provide the best solution to client and then our team prepare a Business requirement document to take a sign off from the client.

Technologies used at our work place:

PHP Web Development: PHP is a server site scripting Language, which helped business to develop application. Techfeedo provide solutions based on the following development:

  1. Drupal
  2. Wordpress
  3. Joomla
  4. Magento

Java Development: Techfeedo helps clients to design, develop and integrate applications and solutions based on the Java. Client’s projects are handled by experienced software developers, who will understand their requirements and able to deliver the best result. We work on:

  1. Servlet API
  2. Java Server Pages (JSP)
  3. Apache Struts
  4. Apache Tapestry
  5. Apache Wicket
  6. Java Server Faces (JSF) and Facelets

Techfeedo has set the benchmark in Java by creating and delivering number of successful products. The Experts who work with us are highly experienced in developing many type of software’s for different business verticals. The clients can contact us 24X7 with their any kind of software development query, we are always there to help and Assist you.

Web Design

Web designing is one of the most important assets to be created for any company. Website tells about the product and services of any company with detailed information. Website can promote your business and organize the events to be completed within time frame. Page layout and design will help you to meet the standard of the website with competitor.

Techfeedo vision is to deliver best websites that allow site visitors to have user-friendly experience while view your products and services. We put our best effort to deliver quality of product according to the requirement. Techfeedo is not limited to provide you the simple website, but we offer a wide range of website services and a client who comes to us has various options.

Responsive Website Design: The professionals who work with us have the ability to design the website which is responsive at all devices like desktop, smart phones, tablets, Laptop, McBook, and I Pad.

Web Portal Design: We understand the business and then design the website as per your requirement. We never comprise with performance and usability of website. Our experts provide you sample design and framework to choice and design, the websites.

Tailored website design: under this feature our experts put their creativity according to the requirement of the client & business need. The customized website has all the features which client and their users are looking for.

Corporate Website design: we understand that our corporate clients need some specific features and design, so we ensure that the corporate website which we deliver is best suitable according to clients.

Static Website design: under this, we provide a static website which is designed by the expert who holds the knowledge of HTML and CSS. This is best for those who don’t require many updates.

Dynamic Website design: Our dynamic web design services are designed on the basis of current market tend and innovation ideas. Under this client can make changes without much technical knowledge and these website are based on Content Management system.

Digital Design

It offers technology checklists to support business transformation in areas including data management, the Internet of Things and enterprise mobility.

The top five goals of digital transformation are:

  1. Accelerate time to market
  2. Streamline and optimise operations
  3. Create more innovative IT platforms
  4. Reduce and optimise costs
  5. Improve customer experience and engagement


Main objective of E-commerce website is that it should be secure, trusted, interactive and user friendly. Now a days internet has become a key factor for the establishment as well as for survival of the business. Effective website is not only necessary to interact the audience but also to promote the business through different social media and other means. We will provide you a unique platform for your products and services with CMS based technology so that any non-technical can also edit contents and manage to upload the images. So, if you are looking to implement your idea to make entry to the online world, then completely rely on E-commerce based solutions and services developed by Techfeedo. We ensure that our responsive website feature help your user to visit and comfortable to purchase products online from online store. Our motto is to provide the best solution of E-commerce keeping in mind with respect with both user prospective and client.

  1. Provide a single platform for the clients as a tool where user can find the product related information and services. Also clients able to configure the offers and discount coupon to increase the sale of their products with any technical knowledge.
  2. Detailed information of each transaction with different type of payment modes like CASH, POS, MONEYORDER, INTERNETBANKING etc.
  3. Develop a unique feature and user-friendly platform as compared to competitors.
  4. E-commerce website is your business identity to share and showcase.

Why Select Techfeedo as your E- Commerce Solution Provider:

  1. The Customized E-Commerce Website according to the requirements of clients.
  2. Designed promotional features like offers, coupons, discount, and messages.
  3. Single platform to interact the potential users and provide the solution as per their need.
  4. Our inventory management tool integration provide unique feature in E-commerce platform.
  5. Usability feature of our platform help in easy access, maintain and update.
  6. Get you customized E-commerce services for B2B, B2C business services.

Mobile App Development

Now days, businesses are moving beyond the desktop as mobile technology, mobility vertical is the core part of any company. Mobile world has given a new platform to connect each other in a few seconds and help to reach the target audience. Boom of smart phone in mobile industry and new features in phone is an evidence which shows how the user updating himself from new events. Techfeedo offers various types of mobile application solution that will help the clients to reach the target audience every time. Our expert’s team provides a native, responsive and hybrid application as per client’s requirement.

Our specialist have wide expertise in Mobile Application Development stage including IPhone Application Development, Windows Mobile Application, Mobile enabled website development, and J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Samsung, LG phones, Google Android, NFC Phone, iPhone Mobile Website Development, iPhone Mobile Application Development.

Techfeedo technical team stay connected with the clients during the working on their projects, so that client get the end service delivered according to their requirement. We are one of the trusted App development Services from our clients. Our innovation team suggesting new ideas according to the market to our clients to enhance the features, to reach the target audience. We provide the App Development on following platform:

iPhone Development: Our Experts deliver high-end applications to our clients for different domains that look after the businesses and ensure end-to-end services with support.

Android App Development: Techfeedo engineering team deliver a complete solution for android compatible with latest version as in the market. We provide the solutions not only compatible with android but with branded devices.

Training Program:

We and languages are taught by our industrial experts who are working in different provide an opportunity to get trained under a Techfeedo. Different approaches, Framework organizations. Training by experienced professional helps you in career growth as well as you get a chance to know the issues, which you face in daily life during working in your organization.

Our trainer trained you with a set of environment, how you work and resolve the issues. Different template of reporting the issues, enhancement and change request. You will get a full exposure on the skill you have choices in training languages like PHP, JAVA etc.

Experience with Live projects:

We at Techfeedo impart Industrial Training to you in order to furnish experience in the zone of Live Projects. This gives you an illustration of working style and working environment of an IT company.

Valuable Learning: Techfeedo focuses on practical knowledge and career oriented training. Our syllabus is designed on the basis of market demand. We believe in output of trainee, which help in evaluation in performance of both trainee and trainer.

Career Oriented

Be passionate! We are with you... Get trained by our experts. If you think, you have missed something to achieve your goal, Join our training program to enhance your skills. Good Luck!